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Schedule Your Running

For those that have been putting off their running forever, now is the time to start your running regimen!

A running regimen is easy to put together. Ask any regular runner for advize or check out any good running book. However, before you embark on a running program, make sure you have done a good health sceening to eliminate any kind of health risk.

You have probably noticed that things have to change. You have been putting off running for the longest time and have now decided to take the plunge into running today! Setting up a running schedule can be a problem.

Those starting to consider running are often busy executives, busy homemakers and other workers wanting to get into a healthy habit in contrast to stressful daily humdrum. If you are one of these people, finding time to sneak in your running is probably one of the hardest things to do. One thing you really have to say to yourself is that, “There is always time for running in my schedule.”

If you think you are too busy to run, think again. Those that have running regimens are proven to have higher energy levels and are usually primed to accomplish more than their more sedentary counterparts. So there you have it, another reason to start running.

The first thing you have to remove from your mind is the desire to run when “I feel like it.” If you don’t start running even if you don’t feel like it, the “I like it” feeling is never going to come. Runners are usually addicted to running because of the increased levels of energy and satisfaction they receive from doing it. You won’t get a taste of that feeling when you are sitting comfortably at home. Although running involves moving out of your comfort zone and a few aches and pains, it is definitely worth it.

It would be best to start what is called a running journal. It should be a calendar of sorts that includes dates for your runs, locations for your runs, special running events (yes, you will want to occasionally join a marathon), and notes and observations from your runs.

This will give you a picture of how you are doing and will help you find dates and schedules for your runs – because we all have to admit that our schedules are constantly shifting.

Some people respond better to morning runs. They are more efficient and are able to accomplish more when running in the morning. Some people are not that morning-oriented. These people respond better during the evenings. If you think you are not much of a morning person, then don’t worry. It’s okay to break the mold and start running in the evening. Some busy people have considered running anytime during their slack period in a day. If you can squeeze this slack period into the hours before or after work, then all the better so you can give it the proper concentration.

Whether you run seriously or for leisure, one thing to consider when running is the number of people present in any given area. Crowded areas are a no-no for runners, so find a time of day that the people in an area taper off, or are still fast asleep. Set this as your regular running schedule and stick to that schedule. Other than setting aside a time of day for your running, another important thing you have do is to make sure you do your running at this schedule regularly. Irregular exercise will do more harm than good. So make sure you follow your plans and schedule with perseverance.

Weather can also affect your running schedule. You may want to put this in your running journal. In the event of inclement weather, you choose to either postpone your run to another date or continue the run indoors. Although it isn’t as pretty as running outdoors, it is still better than no run at all.

If you are feeling under the weather, call off your run to another date – when you are feeling better. You don’t want to exert yourself in these situations lest you get worse. If you pull a muscle or feel too sore, don’t push it, and have a specialist look at you. You can avoid a lot of long-term injuries this way.

The Right Running Shoes - Equipped to Run
The most important piece of equipment any runner needs is a good and trusty pair of shoes. Choosing the right pair of shoes is essential to maximizing your running experience and preventing any untoward injuries resulting from the wrong choice of foot gear.

Good shoes will give good traction to help your feet grip the ground firmly. They allow for good balance to help you concentrate on plowing forward and not wobbling and slipping. And since we are mentioning slipping, good traction is essential to avoid slips and tumbles – the cause of many a sprain and injury. When choosing a shoe, check its traction and ask if the shoe holds well even on wet surfaces. You may test it for a few minutes to get a feel for its grip before purchasing it.

Your shoes will also have to be durable. Running shoes are some of the most punished shoes around. So it isn’t a surprise to see that running shoes are designed with durability in mind. You take about two steps per second when you run – that’s one step per foot.

When you run for about 15 minutes, each shoe will have taken about 900 cycles of punishment. It’s even more if you run a lot harder and a lot longer. Your shoe will have to absorb that much punishment. So it is imperative that your shoe be durable and made of strong material. When choosing a shoe, check its materials. Look for any design flaws that allow for easy breaking or wearing out of any parts.

Choose shoes that are comfortable. As said earlier, the shoes will take a constant pounding every time you run. However, it is not only your shoes that will take a pounding. Your feet will take their own share of punishment too. When choosing shoes, make sure that they are very comfortable. The shoes you choose do not have to be very foamy. As we previously discussed this type of shoe carries a greater risk because the structure comprises balance. Go for designs that absorb a lot of shock. They should be soft but firm. Try running with them while choosing. If you feel a slight jar in any part of your feet, especially on the balls and the heel, you may want to look further.

Sometimes, bad shoes will cause a jarring sensation in your skull when you are running,avoid these as well.

Unfortunately, even with proper cushioning, your shoes will eventually wear out as well. Rubber cushioning toughens up through time and loses much of its spring. You will have to be sensitive to this. If your running shoes gradually lose their shock absorbing abilities, go purchase a new pair to avoid injuring yourself.

Consider your foot type when choosing shoes. There are three types of feet – flat, normal, and high-arched. You can test your feet for type by using what is called a wet test. Wet your feet and step on a dry surface. If it shows the whole of your feet – or a typical flat footed look, then you have flat feet. Normal arches are when you see a slight C shaped arc from the balls for your feet to the heels. High-arched feet have a pronounced C-arch running from ball to heel; the imprint of such feet look as if the balls and the heels were connected by a tiny piece.

Those with flat feet will need shoes that have greater control, since flat-footer runners have difficulty running with good form. High-arched runners have trouble with balance because they teeter so. They also are prone to straining their plantar fascia. They will need well-cushioned shoes to keep balance.

Also, when choosing shoes, make sure you do not rush your choice. Take a few minutes per shoe to determine cushioning, comfort, traction, and other quality oriented observations. It is also advisable to choose shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are at their largest. This helps avoid choosing shoes that are suddenly too tight when you start running (and have blood engorge your feet).

Never underestimate the value of the running shoe. It will be your most treasured companion during your running experience. Never overestimate its lifespan as well. After a good full year of running service, you should retire your shoe and purchase a new one.

Many runners I know personally simply go back to the sports shop and ask for the exact same model and brand of their current running shoes. Such is the attachment of runners to their shoes!

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DISCLAIMER: Information on this website is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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