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Alternative treatment methods to quit smoking
Conventional quit smoking methods include cold turkey or abstinence, nicontine patches, time-release nicotine capsules, lower nicontine cigarettes, nicontene gums etc.

Gaining popularity today are alternative quit-smoking methods including, accupuncture, herbal remedies, hynotherapy and laser treatments. Let's take a look at some of these alternative treatment methods.

Quit Smoking with Chinese Acupuncture
With the myriad of ways that you can attempt to quit smoking, it is easy to become confused or overcome with emotions, but while you are considering everything, consider the option to quit smoking by acupuncture.

Using acupuncture to quit smoking may seem a little hokey or unbelievable at first, but you never know what will work for what person and the opportunity to quit smoking by acupuncture is worth considering. For those of you who don’t know, here’s a little information on acupuncture and how it could help you quit smoking forever.

Before beginning the ancient Chinese process of acupuncture, you will be asked to go to the facility that is performing the procedure and fill out a questionnaire. After finishing the questionnaire and undergoing a series of tests that have to do with your heart rate and observation of your tongue, the professional acupuncturist in charge will devise an acupuncture regiment that is just for you. No two acupuncture procedures are alike for two people; it all has to do with your body’s response to the tests and your own personal response to the questionnaire that gauged your smoking habit.

Some acupuncturists will prescribe certain supplements or vitamins for you to take in between sessions, but some may just perform the procedure and then send you on your way until the next session. With acupuncture, it obviously depends on the person that is undergoing the process as to how long it will take for the patient to overcome smoking and quit smoking through acupuncture. If you have had troubles with quitting smoking through use of more popular methods like the nicotine patch or the nicotine gum this process may be the one that finally does the trick.

Some acupuncture clinics that has made a name for it's acupuncture treatment to stop smoking has claimed success rate as high as 75-80%. If this percentage is indeed true and achievable, then acupuncture can easily lay claim to being one of the most effective method to stop smoking and should certainly be on any sincere smoker who seriously wants to quit agenda.

Most places that will try to help you quit smoking by acupuncture will charge between $400 and $800 for the initial observation and up to five acupuncture treatments thereafter. The herbs and supplements involved in the process could run anywhere from $5 to $25, a relatively small investment to help you quit smoking by acupuncture. Good luck in your quest to quit smoking through acupuncture!

Quit Smoking with Herbal Remedies
With the plethora of opportunities available to those that want to quit smoking it is important to consider every one individually, including the opportunity to quit smoking with herbal remedies.

Those looking to learn how to quit smoking with herbal remedies may find a few different opportunities to do so on the internet and at the local drug store, one of the most popular being a three step process. This three step process to quit smoking with herbal remedies could be perfect for you, here is how it works:

• First you will start in the weeks or months up to your determined date of quitting by taking pills to stabilize the possibility of weight gain or depression. In addition, it will be paramount for you to come up with an exercise regimen that pushes you to getting that “workout high” that so many feel. You will do this with specially designed pills until you reach your quit date.

• When you reach your quit date you will then move on to an herbal pill that will reduce your dependency on nicotine, but most importantly, you will remove all cigarettes and other smoking-related paraphernalia from your house. By continuing with your workout you will continue with that “high” and you will be encouraged to develop a hobby to occupy your time not spent smoking.

• The third step of the process is usually to continue what you are doing on an “anniversary” type basis, meaning you need to reward yourself for a job well done. By rewarding yourself with a trip to the movies, new clothes, or a certain type of food you get the feel of indulging without doing it with a cigarette.

Most herb related pills to help you quit smoking with herbal remedies are related to the process, not doing it all alone. Some of these that help you quit smoking with herbal remedies are: Tunguska Blast, Nicotine Multivitamins, Smoke Rx, The Greatest Vitamin in the World, and countless other herbal opportunities. Don’t wait; try to get help to quit smoking with herbal remedies today!

Stop Smoking through Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis
Just like getting over an episode of the hiccups, there is a ridiculous amount of ways to quit smoking, but not all work for all people. You can always go cold turkey or try to use the patch or what have you, but one way that is becoming more popular is to stop smoking through hypnotherapy and hypnosis. While you may not be tremendously familiar with these ideas or terms, you should consider the opportunity to stop smoking through hypnotherapy and hypnosis. Here is what you should know:

No Hollywood Cameras will be present during this type of hypnosis, in other words, this is not some creepy guy with a pocket watch telling you to drift “farther and farther” away. This is more of a process of teaching the part of your brain that deals with desires to think in a different manner, one that gives you the strength and willpower to overcome your problems. You won’t be barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken, you will instead be taught how to stop smoking through hypnotherapy and hypnosis.

No Replacement Desire will be used to overcome this silly addiction to nasty little cigarettes like eating or chewing gum, to stop smoking through hypnosis is to stop smoking clean and free. This isn’t something for the weak minded that tricks you or makes you feel like less of a human being, this is something that can work on anyone that wants to invest the time and money. How serious are you about learning a way to stop smoking through hypnotherapy and hypnosis?

The beauty of learning to stop smoking through hypnotherapy and hypnosis is that it doesn’t tax your body even more physically in addition to the possibility of it working in one simple session. Some may take a couple of sessions to overcome the addiction, but most people can stop smoking through hypnotherapy and hypnosis in one simple session with a qualified professional in the field.

Laser Treatment to Quit Smoking
There is a veritable plethora of options available to those that are deeply interested in becoming smoke free; one option becoming more and more popular is that of laser treatment to quit smoking. By using laser treatment to quit smoking you are taking advantage of the latest scientific advancements to ensure a process that will be difficult and unlikely to overcome. However, anytime there is something new that doesn’t involve going cold turkey there are concerns, so what is involved in the process of laser treatment to quit smoking.

Laser treatment has become very popular for those that are looking to lose weight and laser treatment to quit smoking continues to become more and more respected. The process of laser treatment to quit smoking has been used in areas of Europe and Canada for many years with tremendous success and little to no side effects. It is a process that is virtually painless and takes no more than one hour at the absolute most, but you should consider a few other things before completely settling on laser treatment to quit smoking.

If you have a weird problem with people touching your ears, face, and hands then you won’t likely be able to endure the process of laser treatment to quit smoking. By going through the skin to stimulate the endorphins that assist in changing your mood or helping you overcome difficulties. After your laser treatment to quit smoking you will feel relaxed and the complete opposite of anxious, allowing you to overcome all of the problems associated with this difficult task.

The process of laser treatment to quit smoking is not covered by most insurance carriers at this time, but it can be a tax deduction so you won’t be at a total loss. One of the most important things to remember about laser treatment to quit smoking is that it only takes care of the physical want and need of smoking; you are still responsible for the mental. Develop hobbies and exercise or the like to assist you in getting over your addiction, but give laser treatment to quit smoking a try!

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