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Get to know Pilates

Winsor Pilate At-Home Pilates Program

Get to know Pilates

Winsor Pilates: The Most Popular At-Home Pilates Program
If you have seen any TV in the last two years, you would probably have seen advertisements for Winsor Pilates DVD home program.
This popular at-home pilates program has been purchased by millions of viewers who are interested in bringing regular pilates practice into their lives.

But what exactly is Winsor Pilates, how does it differ from Pilates and what sort of promises do the creators of Winsor Pilates make about their program? Here is a brief overview of the world of Winsor Pilates that can help you decide if this program is right for you.

The founder of Windor Pilates, Mari Winsor, a popular pilates instructor who has worked with a host of Hollywood celebrities, developed Winsor Pilates. Winsor Pilates was designed for the general public, and the creators of this popular system guarantee that the system can be used at almost any fitness level. Winsor Pilates was designed so that just about anyone can complete the movements that are a part of the whole pilates routine. The creators of this system have made sure that all the moves can be modified according to fitness level and physical health. Another component of the Winsor Pilates method is that it places a lot of focus on building the "powerhouse" of the body.

What is the powerhouse? The powerhouse refers to the core muscle groups of the body. In this case, powerhouse refers to the buttocks, hip muscles, the lower back area, and the abdomen muscles. By focusing extra attention to the powerhouse area, the creators of Winsor Pilates promise that their system can help create a long, lean and overall sculpted look. Another important component of the Winsor Pilates method that is directly related to the philosophy of the powerhouse is dynamic sequencing.

According to the creators of Winsor Pilates, dynamic sequencing means that the exercises and movements are combined in a specially sequenced order that produces a specific rhythm and calorie-burning routine that helps slim and sculpt the body in the most desirable form possible.

One of the primary claims made by the creators of Winsor Pilates that has contributed to the popularity of this particular pilates program is the weight loss component of the program. Winsor Pilates promises that the program can help participants lose weight through a low intensity workout that creates a steady calorie-burning effect that can help participants gradually drop inches from their body and create a lean and sculpted look.

Winsor Pilates has become one of the most popular pilates systems because it promises an aerobics component as part of the workout. Most conventional pilates routines do not include any form of aerobic exercises, but the Winsor Pilates system includes a strong off the mat aerobics component that promises to burn calories and condition the heart. The Winsor Pilates system helps you identify your heart rate and allows you to work within your heart rate to stay in the zone of maximum calorie burning.

In addition, Mari Winsor, the founder of this popular program, recommends that participants augment their pilates practice with other forms of aerobics for maximum results.

Pilates : The basics of mat workouts
One of the most basic and common workout for pilates is the mat exercise. It’s the best way for a beginner to get involved into the program, and at the same time, it’s one of the hardest parts of the exercise to fully develop. These exercises are useful in helping the body to become strengthened and realigned, with increases in posture and balance occurring rapidly. In this article, we’ll give you a basic outline of some of the parts of the mat exercise program with regards to pilates.

In the original pilates program organized by Joseph Pilates years ago, there are 44 different mat exercises. The exercises center around six basic principles which are the foundation for the program. The principles are: centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement. Based off of earlier exercises incorporated into yoga thousands of years ago, mat exercises are performed while sitting or in a reclined position. These exercises form much of the basis of a pilates routine.

While some trumpet the merits of pilates equipment and neglect the basic mat work, it’s important to perform and it’s a part of pilates that you can perform anywhere, regardless of conditions. Most beginners are recommended to attend a class in order to get a very basic understanding of how to properly perform the exercises. Below are a few basic mat workout exercises which can help you to begin pilates.

First is supine breathing. Supine is a term that refers to laying on your back with your face facing upwards. You should lie on your back with your knees bent at about a 45 degree angle. Place one of your hands on the lower part of your stomach, and inhale deeply through the nose. Feel the way your hand moves when you take in the breath. Next, exhale, and try to focus on the movement of pulling your belly button as close to your spine as you can. Take these breaths between four and six times; this will help you to relieve stress and relax before engaging in other pilates exercises.

Next comes the cat stretch; for this exercise, you’re going to need to be on your hands and knees, with your knees directly underneath your hips and your hands underneath your shoulders. Lay your hands out flat and contract your abs, causing your spine to be more properly aligned. As you inhale, pull your head upwards until you are looking in front of you. When it comes time to exhale, tuck your chin and do your best to pull your belly inwards and towards your spine. Repeat this four to six times.

These are just a few of the breathing exercises that surmise a pilates routine. They are some of the first things to learn when beginning a pilates program, and consequently can be very important to your success. Now that you know a few of the basics of mat work, you can better understand exactly what makes up the pilates exercises. There are many different positions and exercises to learn, and with some dedication, you can find yourself a self-fashioned expert.

Choosing the right pilates instructor
Pilates is gaining popularity and many clubs, gyms and even community clubs and schools are starting classes.

In the pilates program, the workouts are of a low-intensity and they emphasize the use of proper form and movement as opposed to the jerky, uncontrolled movements that other exercise routines commonly employ. For that reason, when it comes to beginning a pilates course, it’s important to know that your instructor understands everything about pilates properly. If you are learning improper form for the exercises, or aren’t emphasizing the right breathing control, the value of the entire workout may be lost. To that end, in this article, we’ll be offering some tips and advice on how to find the pilates instructor that is right for you.

Without a doubt, the first thing to ponder when you are considering taking a pilates class is finding out which certifications that the instructor has obtained. Anyone who’s serious about teaching pilates will most likely have a host of certifications, ensuring that they are properly trained in the form and teachings of mat exercises, as well as the use of pilates apparatus for those who are interested in leraning the full pilates program.

Since pilates is such a wide-ranged program, with over 500 exercises featured in it, it’s not something that you can learn overnight. Be sure that your teacher has a certification from a reputable source, such as the National Pilates Certification or you may be wasting your time.

Another important thing to consider is how focused the instructor is on your progress. When you enter the pilates workout environment, does the instructor take a second to say hello to you? It’s important for the instructor to have a zest for your improvement in the program, or you may find that they are neglecting you when it comes to proper form.

When you are taking your first course, you may also want to consider exactly what the instructor is saying when they give instruction. Some teachers are content to use pilates terms without any further explanation, leaving you wondering exactly what they are asking for you. If you’re new to the program, be sure to take a class with an instructor who gives you in-detail descriptions of exactly what you need to do.

A good instructor may use analogies to explain how they want you to move your body. Be sure that the instructor takes a little time out of every session to talk to the various students in the class individually. Getting proper attention can benefit you not only in being able to perform the exercises in a more efficient manner, but it may also inspire you to go to class more than you can on your own when you feel that the instructor truly cares about your progress.

Your teacher should make you feel motivated to perform, and they should be professional, clear with their instructions, and courteous. If you feel that you made the wrong decision in choosing a pilates teacher, you should try to see what else is out there in order to make your exercise program all that it can be. Your exercise program is your responsibility and it’s important to make the right decisions.


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