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Surgical Hair Restoration
The process of hair loss treatment is often a long affair as the various pills and shampoo takes a long time to work; if they do work.

For those impatient or simply need a faster solution, then, surgical hair restoration is the quickest way. The idea of surgical hair restoration is one that may be terrifying to some because of its complexity, while being exciting to others because of its potential. Surgical hair restoration is one of the best options available to the balding and bald due to its specific and designed nature. What types of things should you expect and what types of things should you consider when trying to decide if surgical hair restoration is right for you?

Qualified Surgeons- The surgical hair restoration procedure has to be performed by a professional who has practiced and been successful in the field. There are a very limited number of qualified surgeons in the U.S. to perform surgical hair restoration. Don’t pick someone simply because of price or popularity, pick someone that truly knows surgical hair restoration.

Short History- Surgical hair restoration has only been performed since the 1930s and only by trained professionals for less than half that time. Many doctors have been widely criticized for the potential pitfalls of the procedure, but surgical hair restoration makes to much possible for the imagination.

Qualified Replacement Hair- There is currently only one process for those wanting surgical hair restoration, being the grafting and transplanting of DHT hair from the back of the scalp to other parts of the scalp. Currently the grafts and transplants for surgical hair restoration must be taken from the scalp of the patient or, if possible, an identical twin. Otherwise, anti-rejection medicine would have to be taken for the rest of your life to fight off side effects stemming from surgical hair replacement.

The hair that will be removed and transplanted for surgical hair restoration is taken from the ring around the head that most men with baldness suffer from. With surgical hair restoration that hair that is so strong and resistant to baldness is used for the purpose of growing the new hair in a new spot. Consulting a doctor or surgeon before the process can begin is a great step to take for those considering surgical hair restoration.

Bosley Hair Restoration
Just as there are various types of hair loss treatment, Bosley hair restoration is one of the leaders on the market today for surgical hair restoration for men. Most men suffering from male pattern baldness are constantly on the search for a solution to their problem and Bosley hair restoration offers a procedure that is championed in the market for its success. So why would a balding man choose Bosley hair restoration to cure his problem?

Consider a few facts about Bosley hair restoration:
The surgeons who perform Bosley hair restoration are trained to pursue a very healthy and natural looking hairline to make the head of hair look real. The Bosley hair restoration team has been working on perfecting this process for over 30 years and is very proud of achieving a look that doesn’t need a traditional comb-over to hide the transplant.

With Bosley hair restoration, grafts are taken from the back of the head and placed with an artistic vision in the right places to overcome the baldness. This procedure by Bosley hair restoration is offered to both men and women and can be seen by those who are considering the procedure in video form on the Bosley hair restoration website.

It is always assumed that all of the hair restoration surgeries are just the same and looking for the best price is the best decision. However, there are not too many trained professionals performing surgical hair restoration on the market today. With Bosley hair restoration you have the benefit of a trained staff performing the procedure as the company itself has been performing for over 30 years.

If you are desperate to find a way out of the problems that you have suffered from due to your baldness then the Bosley hair restoration may be your solution. If price is a concern then you may want to try some store bought hair restoration formulas at the local grocery store, but if results and security are what you are looking for then the Bosley hair restoration is worth your consideration.

Cost of Hair Restoration

One of the biggest factor in considering hair loss surgery, besides qualified surgeons obviously, is the factor of coast. Cost of hair restoration is no different from any other personal appearance altering procedure; it can be costly for any type of consumer. While financial concerns should never be the complete decision making factor, the cost of hair restoration should be viewed with care.

The difficulty with deciding between hair restoration surgeries based on the cost of hair restoration is that every doctor and every clinic seems to charge based on a different scale. The cost of some hair restorations are based on the price per hair involved in the procedure. The cost of some hair restorations are based on the price per graft involved in the procedure. Still the cost of hair restoration in some other situations are based on the price per session it takes to complete the procedure. So what does all of this confusion mean to you?

The cost of hair restoration can be difficult to ascertain in relation to price comparisons because there is no central way of advertising the cost. As was mentioned before, some doctors will charge between $3 and $10 per graft for hair restoration cost. Some doctors will then just advertise a simple flat cost of $3,000 to $15,000 for the procedure. Now, you have a difficult decision, how do you compare these the cost of hair restoration surgery? The best way is to simply consult a few doctors or specialists before deciding on the right procedure.

Obviously, the cost of hair restoration is a very important part of the process to decide what procedure is best for you. Many doctors or surgeons understand the importance of regaining hair and will therefore work on the cost of hair restoration with the patient to ensure a practical and probable solution. Since the procedure lasts a lifetime, doctors will custom tailor a procedure to you, possibly make a payment system, thereby reducing the concerns related to the cost of hair restoration.

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DISCLAIMER: Information on this website is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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